"We use fresh herbs and locally sourced ingredients in all of our products to create unique taste experiences."

The Purrrpose
I'm often asked what the "cat" in Coco Cat means and well, it has a very special meaning to us... We have a deep belief that together as a community, we can end the homeless cat epidemic. By spaying and neutering feral and free-roaming cats, fewer kittens are born into a life on the streets, struggling everyday to survive and adding to a burgeoning population. We advocate for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and donate a percentage of our proceeds every year to local organizations that also share our belief. An organization very close to our hearts is Pet Promise, whose City Kitty program has spayed and neutered thousands of feral and free-roaming cats throughout Central Ohio. So know that when you indulge in our handcrafted goodness you are helping to end feline homelessness in your community....and that's a good thing!

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